At Pince & Pints, we’re dedicated in making sure the lobster population is robust and healthy. We choose to only import from fisheries/harvesters that adhere to these fishing Rules & Regulations:

Berried Females (V-Notching): Female lobsters bearing eggs (berried females) must be released by law. Cutting a small notch (v-notching) in the female's tail prior to release is done on a voluntary basis and identifies the lobster for future release by other fishers.

Minimum Size Limit: Minimum 3 1/4" carapace measurements allow juvenile lobsters the chance to mature and reproduce before they can be harvested.

Maximum Size Limit: Maximum 5" carapace measurements protect the large, healthy breeding stock.

Trap Limits: The total number of traps per harvester is limited by both the state and the individual lobster zones.

Harvest Method: Harvesting is by trap only. No dragging or diving is allowed. Traps include escape vents for undersize lobsters as well as biodegradable escape hatches to free lobsters in lost traps.