Grow With Pince & Pints

Pince & Pints has been established since 2014 and has grown steadily to a total of 3 outlets today. We are more than ready and well positioned to expand into overseas markets via franchising. We are now inviting responsible and enthusiastic franchisees to be part of our global franchise network. Please kindly email for more information.

Merits of Pince & Pints Franchise

Pince & Pints’s distinctive and unique F&B concept

Award-winning restaurant with strong and fast growing brand

Dedicated & Experienced team to offer strong & continuous support to franchisees

Strong concept, product curation & marketing innovation to continuously drive sales & traffic

Franchise Package

✓ Rights to operate the Pince & Pints Restaurant & Bar concept

✓ Use of Pince & Pints's distinctive identity and trademark

✓ Initial training and start-up support, advice on site selection and restaurant design

✓ On-going support and training, product development

✓ Tested and proven systems, procedures and processes

✓ Marketing and PR guidance

✓ Supply of products if any



What type of franchises are available?
Depending on country, single unit, area or country franchises are available.
What is the term of a Pince & Pints Franchise?
Single Unit Franchise has a tenure of 5 years and may be renewed for another period of 5 years, subject to Franchise Agreement renewal conditions.

For Area and Country Franchise, this will be in discussion directly with the Franchisor.
What is the size requirement for a Pince & Pints Restaurant & Bar outlet?
Depending on the layout of premise, a typical Pince & Pints Restaurant & Bar is expected to seat approximately 60 customers.
What are the franchise fees for a Pince & Pints Restaurant & Bar Franchise?
There is an Initial Franchise Fee (which is non-refundable) for a Pince & Pints Restaurant & Bar Franchise. Ongoing monthly fees include a monthly royalty based on a certain percentage of the monthly Gross Revenue of the franchise business, subject to a minimum monthly amount. A monthly marketing contribution may apply, which will vary depending on the level of marketing support/ work required.
What type of returns can I expect to make for a Pince & Pints Restaurant & Bar Franchise?
The achievable sales revenue, profits and returns for the Franchisee will depend on a number of factors, such as ability and competency in cost management, business conditions of territory, staff competency etc. Franchisor is committed and will endeavour to ensure the success of the Franchise on all aspects within its capacity.
What are the criteria of a Franchisee?
We view of Franchisees as business partners whom share the same vision, commitment and passion in running a Pince & Pints Restaurant & Bar business. Potential Franchisees should ideally have experienced in F&B operations and have adequate resources (financially, manpower etc) to operate the Franchise business. Owning to the strength of our Franchise model, potential Franchisees without prior F&B experience but with reasonable capabilities in other aspects shall also be considered.



Pince & Pints is committed to helping our franchisees achieve long term franchise success. We invite you to take the first step of becoming our franchisee by filling up this Franchise Enquiry Form or emailing it to us at

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